Sunday, July 14, 2024

5 Physical Exercises to Keep Good Health

5 Exercises to Maintain Health: According WHO a quarter of adults don’t exercise enough. This is not surprising when you consider how lazy we get at doing simple tasks every day. However, it isn’t surprising that we don’t need hours of sweat every day to keep fit.

Yes, there’s a variety of amazing exercises that can target your entire body and make you sweat. I would recommend that you be patient and consistent, as this is the only way to gauge your progress.

Running is an aerobic workout that emphasizes each part of the body. Running increases oxygen intake and heart rate. You will see a stronger cardiovascular system, as well as your bones and muscle.

Begin running if you are just starting out. Jogging is a more gentle form of running. You should start by running, then jogging.

Start running or jogging early in the day by marching under the light (gives you vitamin D). But, if you have a busy schedule, search for exercise equipment online. You will be able to filter the results and purchase a treadmill. This will give you the freedom to run when it suits you most.


Planks are an excellent addition to your workout routine. This exercise strengthens your entire body and tightens the muscles around your stomach. To do this exercise…

Place your elbows and shoulders on the ground, keeping them parallel.

The feet should be raised in the air and only the fingers should touch the ground. To provide support for the plank, the legs should have enough space.

Keep this position for 20-30 secs, and then lay down for 1 minute.

Repeat the set three more times, increasing the number of sets and time.

Planks should be your first choice if you’re experiencing issues with bloating.


Push-ups work well for strengthening your upper back. This exercise targets the chest, arms, shoulder, and back and strengthens them. To do this exercise…

Similar to before, begin in a plank-like position. But this time, only your palms will touch ground.

Now, lift yourself up. Next, bend your elbows and lower down until you reach the floor.

Be as straight as you can and get as close to the ground, but not touch it.

Go back to your starting position, and then go over it again. Repeat the process for around 5-8 times. Then, stop for a while to take a break.

Slowly increase this number, and you’ll see a significant improvement to your body.


Lunges are the best way to make your leg muscles look like a . If you are just starting out, begin with a minimal weight and work your way up.

You can start by doing this exercise.

You should stand straight with your hands on your hips.

Now, move one step forward. Keep your foot on the floor.

Now stand up, put your leg back in the original position, and do the same with the second leg. Keep going until your legs are tired. Take a break, and then begin again.

Knee tucks

Although it may sound easy, this exercise is very challenging. The pelvic, knee, and thighs are all targeted by the knee tucks. This exercise is ideal for people suffering from joint pains. Before you move forward, however, if your knees hurt, it is best to consult a physician.

Place a stabilityball on your stomach and lay upside down on it. Be sure to keep your back straight.

Pull the ball back with your hands while you roll your knees to the side.

Keep going at least 7 to 8 times. You can gradually increase this number depending on your body’s strength.

These exercises will be difficult during the first session. You don’t have to give up and continue working out. You will soon feel proud of who you are.