Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Showcase Thousands of Museum-Quality Artworks from Your Home and Office

Electronic frames are an old technology that has been used for years to display hundreds of photos of loved ones in one place. However, have you ever considered using an electronic fram to display your quality artwork on your wall.

The main problem of electronic frames that display artworks is their quality. A traditional frame works great for family photos. However, it is too small and of poor quality to display most works. Modern art has small variations of color and texture that are integral to the artwork.

Turn your wall into a museum

An electronic frame can add interest to your walls and stimulate your visuals. You can choose from rotating images of a single artist or school, or you can combine different artists or types in unique ways. You could have all the benefits from a museum visit right at home.

Welcome to The New Generation of Electronic Frames 

We all know that technology has advanced in display technology. Our home can now enjoy movies that rival the local cinema with our wide-screen TV’s and monitors.

The same technology that drives movie quality display makes it possible for photo frames to be large and flat. They can also display high-resolution images that can show the nuances in almost any piece.

A Partnership between Meural and The Art Story of

Meural leads the way in designing electronic frames to display high-quality images of fine art on your walls. They developed trueArt technology. It is a proprietary mix of hardware, firmware, as well as software that renders each image as natural and textured.

The screen is just one piece of what is necessary to properly display artwork. The Meural Canvas includes features such as an antiglare matte surface that deflects light, amplifies color and a builtin light sensor. It also allows you to browse your artwork with gesture controls.