Friday, May 24, 2024

The Definitive Guide on How to Top Your Plants

Cutting off the top of the main stem is known as a topping. With this method, you can spread your plant out to get the lightest possible while also producing more cannabis colas. Growing marijuana yields may result from topping.

There is typically only one main stem per plant. Topping is the process of slicing the main stalk in half by removing the top portion.

The final two growth tips will each develop into a separate stem. At the flowering stage, each stem may develop into a bud or cola. Therefore, topping the plant once to several times can help you keep it flat and increase the number of bud sites under the grow light.

All crop training methods were developed to aid growers in improving plant shapes and yields. As an example, cannabis plants don’t develop in a way that enables them to make the most of their indoor grow lights.

The yields of cannabis grow systems used indoors can be improved by topping. Your plants become bushier and produce more colas as a result.

Because of plant training methods like topping, these plants can produce more than one cola.

A Guide to Cannabis Plant Tipping

Cannabis is topped when a growing tip is removed, which immediately lowers the plant’s height. If your marijuana plant has grown too tall, this could be very helpful. Additionally, topping can improve the quantity and caliber of your colas. You’ll be able to gather more bud as a result.

When to top cannabis plants is a common question with no easy answer. It depends on the strain of the plant, the growing conditions, and the gardener’s preferences. Some growers like to top their plants early, while others wait until the plant is flowering.

Why Is Cannabis Topping Necessary?

Plant Form

The tiny pot plant in your closet would devote all of its energy to growing one main stalk as tall and healthy as it could if left to its own devices.

The end result is a single, dominant cola with smaller, less mature (larfy), useless colas further down the stalk.

Although at first glance this might appear to be a successful tactic, it isn’t what you want. What you want is a bushy pot plant with plenty of mature, huge — and powerful! — leave some buds at the side.

Topping Cannabis Is A Way To Achieve This

To allow the plant to direct growth hormones and more energy to the smaller side branches, the main stalk can be cut.

The plant will produce more buds and blooms as a result of having more side branches.

Even cannabis toppings could be made from these side branches. The plant will grow more as a result. The best buds are imaginable.

Distribution of Light

It’s crucial to understand that topping cannabis refers to more than just the bush. Additionally, it affects how light is distributed.

Since the cannabis plant is taller than it is wide, topping it allows for more light. The light that reaches the bud sites throughout the day can be roughly equal because the bushy shape is so uniform.

The dominant vertical stalk, or main cola, will receive the majority of the sun if you don’t overtop your pot, while the lower branches will be shaded.